(Pack of 5)

Stop squeezing and pinching your pores to remove blackheads. Target them with our Blackhead Nose Pore Strips. In just 10 minutes your pores are visibly clearer and unclogged. Our strips are incredibly efficient at removing blackheads, excess sebum and impurities from your T-zone area (chin, nose, forehead) leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh.


1. Wet the nose thoroughly with clean water, remove the transparent film from the nose strip, and press the smooth surface of the strip along the bridge of the nose until firmly in place.
2. Wait 10-15 minutes until the nose strip becomes completely dry and hard (do not touch the strip while waiting).
3. Remove the strip from both sides, quickly removing it from the bottom up.


Contains aloe & witch hazel

Blackhead Nose Strips

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