Keep Our Ocean Blue

Keep Our Ocean Blue

Marina Fairclough


Marine animals need our help in protecting our precious ocean.


‘There are so many reasons why we need to keep our oceans healthy. As well as being home to amazing wildlife, our oceans provide food for billions of people and income for millions.

The sea also produces around half of all the oxygen we breathe (thanks to phytoplankton, tiny single-celled ocean plants). Not to mention absorbing half of all man-made climate-warming carbon dioxide.

But things are not going swimmingly at sea. Latest figures show a dramatic decline in ocean health. The total amount of vertebrate sea life (including fish) has reduced by more than a third since 1970!

We already know the causes – our seas are overused and under-protected. Although we have solutions, the challenge is getting everyone on board and and agreeing a way forward to address the key challenges affecting our oceans.’ - WWF

So you might be asking, how can I help? 🐬

Here’s some key ways to start making a change:

- Cut down on plastic use ♻️
(We strongly recommend recycling all product packaging where possible including our own. We as a company are slowly looking into further developing our packaging to make it more eco friendly)

- Volunteer your time to clean up

- Donate to an ocean charity💧

- Watch what you flush

- Conserve water

- Reduce fish intake 🐠

We can all do our part by recycling product packaging or by keeping them for re-use!

All of our products at Ocean Blue Beauty can be recycled ♻️

If you want to further support the prevention of plastic waste in our oceans, you can donate to The Ocean Cleanup on their website: